DMARC reporting with Postfix DMARC

After implementing DMARC for my domain a few weeks ago, I’ve been trying to find the best way to report on this (essentially, showing who is trying to send email on behalf of

DMARC compliance reports are returned by most recipient email servers in XML every 24 hours. They look a bit like this:

part of a DMARC XML report

another part of a DMARC XML report

(images courtesy of Return Path)

Although it’s possible to look through these manually, I wanted something that would provide cleaner and more useful information, working at scale.

After experimenting with a few services, I found the excellent (and free!) Postmark DMARC tool. It’s super easy to set up - you put in the email address where reports should be sent, and the domain you want to monitor. Then, you add a unique Postmark-generated address to your DMARC record in your DNS. After the service verifies this record, you’re all set!

Report digests will be sent to you weekly, like so:

part of a Postmarc DMARC report digest

sending sources which failed SPF and DKIM

(Note - there’s no compliant sources as I didn’t send any email from my address for this week)

Look at all these sources trying to send on behalf of me - not ideal! Perhaps people are trying to spoof my domain to run a phishing campaign involving clothes at ASDA?!?

Google search results for 'George Sale' Damnit - I might be out-competed for my name on Google!

Luckily, all these attempts weren’t even delivered to recipients as I’ve set my DMARC policy to ‘p=block’. Without DMARC, they’d be delivered!

So - in short - if you still haven’t implemented it, get DMARC up and running - and use the excellent Postmark DMARC tool.

Written on April 23, 2017